1. an “update”

    Wow, okay.  For a minute there this band was our whole lives every day.  It felt really good.  Now that’s over and we all got thrown back into “real life” and that feels really different, but also really good.  Tour was great - thanks so much to everyone who helped make it that way: everyone who set up a show, put us up, fed us, everyone we played with, everyone who came out, really everyone we interacted with.  Thank you so much.  Also thank you to the Earth for being pretty fucking rad.  We got to see a good deal of the country, (journeying from our home on the atlantic to Lake Erie, down to the Gulf Coast, then across to the Pacific, and on up through the redwoods) which was incredible.  I’m posting some photographs as well, please have a look if you’d like.

    And perhaps most importantly, a deep deep thank you to Mike, Pete, Fanny, Griffin, and Alex - the idea of the “band” has always been kind of loose in this camp, it really means a lot that you so graciously stuck it out as the Act of Estimating as Worthless.  And of course a thank you to Zoe, she is on both sides of that thank you.

    For now we’re all a bit scattered:

    Fanny, Pete, Mike, and Alex made it back across (and Fanny moved to a new state!) and are off to Vermont to hide away for a month and record the next Wood Spider record before making another trek around the country.

    Griffin is back to NY, where I suggest you ask him about maybe our funniest tour story - no one else can really tell that one.  

    I don’t even know where Zoe is, last I saw her she was getting on a bus from Vancouver to Seattle to Colorado, only to keep moving, probably west.  I’m gonna email her right now though.  

    I’m sticking out the season in Vancouver where I just bought my first pair of rain boots.  

    We’ll all be back in NY as the year ends, hopefully we’ll make some noise again then.  We’ve perhaps been misleading with our break-up threats and last shows.  I guess the final point is this:

    The Act of Estimating as Worthless will never not exist.  Its hard to say when, where, and if there will be new music or more shows, but I think we learned our lesson, and it no longer feels relevant to declare a status, you know?  

    For now, we are going to be quiet.  When that changes, we’ll make a sound.

    Thanks for being a part of this.  Really, it means the world.


  2. Our good pals at DDW are distro-ing a couple copies of the new record while we’re away! Pick one up there while they are still available!


  3. We made it to the coast!  Santa Cruz ruled, see you for breakfast.


  4. at Annie St. Arts Collective w/ Linen Closet, Ron Scott, and a secret special guest!


  5. cat-snail said: Also can you please please please play A Few Paces Behind tonight? I would love that sooo much :)

    ah shit..  you shoulda said something!  next time..


  6. cat-snail said: Can't wait to see you tonight!!!!!! <3



  7. strawberryleather said: Are you guys still planning on comin to Philly? Cuz I heard a rumor that you're not. I might be able to help with finding a venue. Xoxo

    Hey!  We’re not doing Philly unfortunately, we sort of need that extra day to get ready in the end..  Thanks though!


  8. dot-oilage said: I love your music. I really do. <3



  9. Anonymous said: When will preorders start shipping?

    Hopefully today!  Monday at the latest..


  10. Anonymous said: I'm so excited for your music. Does all of this mean the pre-orders are to be sent soon?

    Hopefully today!  Monday at the latest.